Baba, Assistant Manager

Baba has been at Ngala Lodge from practically the outset.

He first came to Peters attention whilst working as a private security guard with a company employed by Peter during the very early days. Following a dispute with the owner of the company he left Banjul and returned to his home village of Badibou Njie Kunda on the North bank. Two months later, due to Peter’s intervention, he was persuaded to return to Ngala.

Peter recognized Baba’s potential and two years later directly employed him, first as a guard, then as Receptionist and eventually Assistant Manager. A position he has now held since 2005. Baba is well respected by all, is an excellent motivational speaker and a born leader.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have him on the team! (And thankfully he likes being here too!)

Jonathan Groves, General Manager

Jonathan did his training at the Charing Cross Hotel in The Strand and Westminster College. He then acquired the travel bug & thirst for new cultures & cuisines.

After a year in Libya he returned to London’s Barbican centre for two years and then spent 3 years in Amman, Jordan.

His first Executive chef position came at the age of 30, in then, a leading hotel of the Gambia. After 3 years his hunger for more knowledge led him to Paris where he spent one year before returning to London again, at a casino in Knightsbridge where he stayed for 6 years, followed by a second visit to The Gambia in the largest hotel for another 6 years. The well worn chef’s clogs then moved through Abu Dhabi & Dublin before returning “back home” to The Gambia again in 2005. He spent 3 years at one of the other 5 star boutique hotels here, a stint in Sweden and then here at Ngala since December 2010. Jonathan then spent 6 years training the Ngala kitchen team into his style of cuisine. He has now handed over the reins to Chef Assan..Stepping aside to a new challenge he is now the new operations manager under Peter’s guidance.

Assan Demba, Head Chef

Assan trained at the hotel school in 2003 & 4. He picked up his experience at various establishments before meeting up with Jonathan, at the only other 5 star boutique hotel in the Gambia at that time, where they worked together for 2 years.

Then from early 2011 Assan helped Jonathan raise the standards of Ngala restaurant to what it is today. Now, at the helm he hopes to aspire in making your memories of Ngala special.